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All Russia Public Organization “Delovaya Rossiya” – is a union of entrepreneurs from the non-extractive industry. This is the center where national élite of non- extractive industry interested in steady and long-term development of (their own) country is being shaped.

Delovaya Rossiya combines enterprises of more than 40 fields: construction, light industry, IT and high technologies, mechanical engineering, agriculture, financial sector, etc.

Members of Delovaya Rossiya are heads of fast growing companies with the best productivity indexes and added value per one operating point. They show a great potential in innovation and modernization.

The main objective of Delovaya Rossiya is to promote the development of friendly business environment, to advocate its members’ interests before the government and the society. Delovaya Rossiya offers professional solutions to current economic issues. It helps eliminate administrative and other barriers standing in the way of Russian economy development. Assisting the protection of legal entrepreneur’s interests in case of illegitimate actions of their competitors, governmental and law enforcement bodies is also in Delovaya Rossiya’s competence.

The organization on a regular basis prepares annual reports and elaborates proposals on different aspects of social and economic policies, particularly those on industrial and regional development, tariff and tax regulations of business activity, and initiatives on expanding business, entrepreneurial activity and competition development.

Delovaya Rossiya’s representatives are active participants in the operation of consultative and coordinating bodies, social councils to the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, federal and regional offices, and legislative bodies.

Delovaya Rossiya facilitates the implementation of its members’ projects by creating and expanding mechanisms of interregional cooperation along with business platforms for communication and negotiation both on federal and regional levels. The best examples of such mechanisms are Delovaya Rossiya Annual Business Forum, Investment club, Interregional Business Cooperation Platform, etc.

The organization advocates interests of Russian business on foreign markets and amplifies business-partnership mechanisms, creating new opportunities for Russian entrepreneurs. As a part of its international activity Delovaya Rossiya keeps in touch and carries out joint projects with entrepreneurial and social organizations of the following countries - Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, India, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Thailand, USA, etc. On Delovaya Rossiya’s initiative the Russian-Chinese Business Council (RCBC) and Russian-Japan Business Council were established.

Delovaya Rossiya was founded in 2001. Today the organization is represented in 77 Russian federal subjects. It combines 88 branches. The General council is the executive board that consists of more than 80 companies’ executives – leaders in various sectors of national economic activity.

 Primorsky regional branch of Delovaya Rossiya

Asia Pasific region is the most intensively growing economy  of the world.  Russian Far East is a part of Russian federation neighboring to the “Asian Tigers” and most likely to be integrated in Asia Pasific Economy.

Primorsky territory takes the leading positions in development of Far East region provided by sea cargo transit facilities both import and export.

In 2014 Russian government declared “Oriental direction” as the strategy of economic cooperation with Asia Pacific region

By the present Primorsky region declared to be the point of economic growth in The Russian Far East

 In order to realize this strategy the” Vladivostok Free Port” and “Advance Development Territory” unique tax heaven zones were founded at the territory of Primorsky region. These zones are intended to develop production facilities and export oriented business.

Primorsky regional branch of Delovaya Rossiya takes an active part in promotion and consulting on terms and conditions of entering these zones for business.

One of the main targets for Primorsky branch is support and development of non- extractive industry, innovative economy, multimodal transit services,  production business and competitive financial services.

Primorsky branch of  Delovaya Rossiya cooperates with local authorities beginning from territory governor  down to heads of rural communities. Representatives of Primorsky branch take part in mutual government- business  projects where they represent their opinion as business experts.

Delovaya Rossiya in  Asia Pacific Region

Delovaya Rossiya pays significant attention to promotion of Russian business in Asia Pacific region.   These efforts represented in multi level formats such as consultations, round tables, dual  and multilateral meeting, business visits and annual East Economy Forum.

The main priority for Delovaya Rossiya is promotion of Russian Business integration in economic relations inside Asia Pacific Region and experience exchange. The main target is developing modern, high tech and science based production sites and creating positive image of Russian Business in Asia Pacific Region.

Primorsky Regional Branch of Delovaya Rossiya  is in charge of the contacts and development new relations between businessmen and business societies in Asia Pacific Region.

We have stable and long lasting relations with businessmen of Japan, China, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines.

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